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05/25/2014 - 5:30am - 5:59am
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Pope Francis's Middle East Trip is discussed and State Religious Freedom Laws are spotlighted.
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Pope Francis Middle East Trip - This weekend, Pope Francis travels to the Middle East, where he will visit Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian West Bank. Kim Lawton talks with Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders, who have high hopes that the visit of this popular pope will promote unity between Catholics and the Orthodox, bolster the local Christian community, enhance interfaith relations and reignite the peace process. State Religious Freedom Laws - Mississippi - like several other states - has a new law designed to protect religious practices from the power of government. Lucky Severson reports that the law's advocates see it as a necessary defense against the power of the state. Critics worry that it could be used to discriminate against religious and other minorities, such as gays. Mississippi's Religious Freedom Restoration Act goes into effect July 1.