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11/01/2013 - 2:30am - 2:59am
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Discover how local villages are winning control over their fishing grounds on the island of Pemba.
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In the second episode, host Carl Safina travels to the island of Pemba, part of the Zanzibar chain off the East African coast, to discover a remarkable story of local villages winning control over their vital fishing grounds. Once threatened by resort development, Pemba's pristine reefs and lagoons are now managed by, and for, the fishermen. Carl fishes with the locals in traditional dhows and dugout canoes, and meets the influential Imams whose sermons explained how the Koran requires good stewardship of the world and its resources. Pemba's fishing families are all Muslim, and Carl believes Islam could be a key to ocean conservation in the large parts of the world where fishing people are Muslim.