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08/27/2013 - 6:00am - 6:29am
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Diesel challenges Thomas to race backwards around the Island of Sodor. Thomas is sure he can win!
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Thomas is a busy engine and thinks he can shunt backwards and forwards faster than any other engine. When Diesel challenges him to race backwards around the Island of Sodor, Thomas is sure he can win! Not being able to see where they are going the two engines cause havoc all over the quarry. Thomas and Diesel feel terrible and set about making everything right. When they have finished all their work Thomas and Diesel have their final race -- this time facing forwards -- and they both finish at exactly the same time! Percy must bring Lady Hatt to a surprise party, but she asks to stop so many times, that Percy starts to run out of time! He must use his "do as I say" whistle that is reserved for the troublesome trucks to get her there on time to enjoy the party and the new bandstand.