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08/17/2013 - 6:00am - 6:29am
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The wise Sir Handel, brash Duncan and powerful Mighty Mac travel the railway high in the hills.
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Sir Handel is delighted when Mr. Percival asks him to ensure that a train full of logs is ready for Thomas to collect later today. This is very urgent, and Mr. Percival tells Sir Handel to ask the very first engines he sees to help him. But instead, Sir Handel decides to find the very best engines to help him. Rheneas and Skarloey offer to help Sir Handel, but he wants to be sure he finds the best engines for the job. Mighty Mac, Rusty, Duncan and Peter are all very able to help, but Sir Handel keeps looking for his ideal helpers, until Thomas arrives to collect the logs. Sir Handel realizes that he's spent so long looking for the best engines to help that he hasn't even started on the job! Luckily Sir Handel sees that his friends ARE the best engines to help and when he asks them to begin work right away, the job is soon done. It's the day of the country show and engine rally in the hills. Madge the snub-nose lorry is to pull the brass band! Interfering Madge takes it upon herself to make sure the engineers get the other engines sparkling clean for the rally. Madge take such an interest that she doesn't get herself clean in good time. She rushes and gets everyone else muddy again in the process! The engineers get to work cleaning again - and this time Madge leaves them to it. Everyone is gleaming just in time for the rally!