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09/18/2015 - 2:30pm - 2:59pm
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The family heads up the River Kwai by boat and visits a rehabilitation center for elephants.
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After a quick tour of Bangkok, and its traditional floating markets, Travel With Kids escapes the rush of the huge city and heads into the jungle of Kanchanaburi Province near the Burmese border. Heading up the River Kwai by boat, stopping to absorb World War II history at the famous bridge, the family arrives at the a floating hotel. Built out of bamboo, the hotel is set deep into the river canyons and is surrounded by elephants! After discovering the lives of the Mon people, refugees from nearby Burma, the family heads to Elephant World, a rehabilitation center for the giant creatures. Nathan & Seamus learn about the conservation efforts underway in Thailand to save the elephants and help care for the animals: preparing their food, hand feeding them, giving them a scrub down, and riding them into the jungle to sleep.