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10/16/2015 - 2:30pm - 2:59pm
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Nathan and Seamus learn to steer a gondola, go fishing in the Grand Canal and visit local markets.
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Most people think of Venice as a romantic destination, but it's great for kids too! There are no cars to worry about and a feast for the senses lingers over every bridge. Where else in the world are the streets made of water lined by ancient buildings adorned in wild designs, statues and gold? No, this isn't Disneyland, although it may seem like it to children... and maybe adults too! Join Nathan and Seamus as they explore it all learning to steer a gondola, designing a glittering mask, and attending a children's musical concert. Join a local family in exploring the tiny canals of Venice and heading out in the lagoon where the locals come to eat exotic seafood and play on the beach. Go fishing in the Grand Canal, discover the art of glass blowing, taste foods in the wild bustling markets of the Ponte Rialto and learn about the history of this wild and once powerful republic.