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11/12/2013 - 7:00am - 7:29am
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At Scammons Lagoon, the fearless family head out in small wooden boats to seek out the Gray whale.
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Head down the quiet and uncrowded back roads of Mexico's Baja peninsula for a once in a life time encounter like no other. This unique experience brings you face to face with the world's largest mammals.. whales. After loading up on a bus in California, our fearless family crosses the border at Tijuana and drives into the Baja sunset. Explore the bizarre shapes of the Central Desert, a scene that inspired the illustrations of Dr. Seuss, and stay at small, guesthouses along the way. At Scammons Lagoon, head out in small wooden boats to seek out the Gray whale, which mates and births in the bays of Baja. Thousands of whales on their annual migration have filled the lagoon to have their babies and they're not shy. They bump right up to the boats, where guests can reach in to pet them, and sometimes it's hard to tell who's watching whom.