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01/22/2015 - 4:00am - 4:59am
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A look at how America can replace fossil fuels with clean energy in an economically beneficial way.
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We've Got the Power is the follow-up documentary to the Emmy® Award-winning program, The Next Frontier: Engineering the Golden Age of Green. We've Got the Power shows viewers how the United States can replace fossil fuels with clean energy in a way that is economically beneficial to consumers and businesses alike, and ensures a safer environment for future generations. By driving electric vehicles, installing solar on our roofs, or doing something as simple as getting a home energy audit, we all have the power to improve energy efficiency, save money, and phase out fossil fuels. Becky Worley of ABC's Good Morning America and Yahoo! News returns as host and takes viewers back on the road to check out cutting edge technologies like solar storage using molten salt in Spain and innovate energy efficiency retrofits at the Empire State Building. She also gets a personal tour of the new Nissan Leaf plant from CEO Carlos Ghosn and an up close look at a solar-powered airplane that can fly day and night without fuel! We've Got the Power also looks at the importance of the role of government in different stages of clean energy production including research, regulations, policy making, and protecting the public and the environment from disasters like the BP Gulf Oil Spill.