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05/01/2014 - 6:30am - 6:59am
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The children ask two hotel employees to pose as their parents so they can go to the imperial court.
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The empress invites the Mozarts to the imperial court again. The children persuade two of the hotel employees to pose as their parents (who can't be reached) and accompany them to the court. This leads to problems when the real parents hear about the invitation and rush to the palace. In the meantime, Amadeus and Nannerl enjoy sliding on the polished floors of the palace with Marie Antoinette, the empress' youngest daughter. Will Devilius stop another one of Amadeus' successes, or will he slip up? The Music: "Organ Fantasy in F Minor" K. 608; et al. Additional Content: Monti reveals the enormous size of the real imperial palace. Viewers see the Schonbrunn palace, inside and out, and together with Monti and Amadeus, stroll through some of its impressive rooms.