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05/08/2014 - 6:30am - 6:59am
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Nannerl collapses and Amadeus sneaks into the palace to find her lost amulet that may help heal her.
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Nannerl collapses during a concert at the palace, but no one knows why. When someone mentions smallpox, Devilius pretends to fall ill. Amadeus thinks the amulet Nannerl lost during the concert at the palace will help her regain her health and sneaks into the palace to look for it. Meanwhile, Devilius enjoys the attention he receives from his accomplices Mario and Monti. Does Nannerl really have smallpox? Will the amulet heal her? And will anyone discover Devilius' feigned sickness? The Music: "Violin Sonata in F" K. 376; "Menuett in D Major" K. 94; et al. Additional Content: Monti plays music with various dynamic and timbre to introduce the concept of tempo. Then, Monti explains the three tempi: adagio, andante and allegro, and viewers hear what each sounds like.