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12/29/2015 - 9:30am - 9:59am
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Wyland gives a lesson on proportion, scale and unity while painting this "coastal" whale.
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Art Lesson: Form. Wyland will introduce form. Helping artists to understand the nature, structure, or essence of a thing, considered apart from it's content, color, texture, or composition. In this example the Wyland's depiction of a fluking whale tail almost appears to be a separate object in and of its self. The form of the tail in the water sets itself aside from the whole. The identifiable fluking tail is an artistic representation of form. Wyland Tip: The flukes of humpbacks really are distinctive if you get a clear look at them. Some have neat white spots on each fluke. Some have a salt-and-pepper pattern across the whole tail. Others have a completely black tail. An expert can identify a particular whale from a binocular or even naked-eye look at the flukes.