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06/20/2015 - 11:30pm - 11:59pm
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When the team is forced to land on Earth, they learn about the planet from a ferret named Buzzy.
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TAKE ME TO YOUR FERRET: The Zula Patrollers are forced to land on Earth after their ship's wiring develops problems. Stranded on Earth, they learn about the planet with the help of a new friend, a ferret named Buzzy. Buzzy was in training to run wires through shuttles for the space program, so he offers to help our heroes re-wire their ship. What follows is a romp in which our Zula Patrollers lead curious Earthling UFO seekers on a merry chase to avoid discovery, until their ship is repEPISODEed for take off. EARTH HUNT: Earth leaves its place in the solar system and the Zula Patrol races off to bring her back. When they find her, the little blue planet is cold, tired and still in no mood to return home, where she has been picked on by brother and sister planets. Our heroes nurse Earth back to health, and Wigg, who has learned his own lesson about his importance as a member of a team, ultimately convinces Earth she is an important part of the Solar System. The Zula Patrol ultimately takes her back for a happy homecoming.