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Quinn Dalton was born in South Carolina, moved to Ohio for high school and college at Kent State, then came back to the South for an MFA at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Over the years, she has sold cameras, ladies shoes, water filters, antiques, her wedding dress and an old van. She's worked as a waiter, bartender, fundraiser, teacher, freelance writer and spindoctor, all of which continue to be a good source of material. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in a variety of literary magazines, such as Glimmer Train, StoryQuarterly, Mangrove, Cottonwood, Emrys Journal, ACM (Another Chicago Magazine), The Baltimore Review and The Kenyon Review. She won the Pearl 2002 Fiction Prize for her short story, "Back on Earth." Her work is forthcoming with several anthologies, including Sex and Sensibility and American Girls out on the Town. Dalton lives in Greensboro with her husband David Mengert and daughter Avery.


High Strung: A Novel (2003)
Bulletproof Girl: Stories (2005)


Bulletproof Girl -Quinn Dalton

There had been times in her life, she'd admit it, usually when she found herself on a crowded street or in an airport or in a room full of people talking and laughing, and she'd feel as if she were frozen in glass, or wrapped in steel. She'd look at people, how'd they'd sweat and bite their nails with wanting, then she'd feel clean and hard. Bulletproof. But she thought now it might have been a lie she'd told herself, that could ever cushion herself from need.
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