Great Scenic Railway Journeys

Great Scenic RailwayGreat Scenic Railway Journeys is an Emmy Award-winning public television series that profiles some of the world's most historic and scenic tourist railways. The Great Scenic Railway Journeys series is produced by Emmy Award-winner Robert C. Van Camp and hosted by Grammy Award-winning musician and storyteller David Holt.

Great Scenic Railway JourneysCelebrating North America’s Steam Railways explores the rich history of steam engines and the impact they had on the growth of the United States and Canada – geographically, culturally and economically. Only a few steam engines remain operational, painstakingly and lovingly preserved by a dedicated army of mostly volunteers scattered throughout the U.S. and Canada. The show visits 18 historic railways in locations as diverse as Alaska, the Canadian Rockies, New Mexico and New Hampshire. To learn more about this sereis and to watch a promotional video from this program, please click here.Great Scenic Railway

The Great Scenic Railway Journeys series includes the UNC-TV specials:

Great Scenic Railway Journeys: Australia

Take a trip to the land down under in Great Scenic Railway Journeys: Australia. Host David Holt presents the Australian offering in the Great Scenic Railway series, following six trains to the world’s smallest continent—by rail, boat and on foot.

Great Scenic Railway Journeys: Celebrating 175 Years of the American Railroad

Continue your travels with an air of adventure, romance and excitement when UNC-TV presents Great Scenic Railway Journeys: Celebrating 175 Years of the American Railroad. North Carolina’s own David Holt host visits to 22 of the nation’s most popular railway landmarks. Discover all the history these beloved trains have left behind in this commemoration of the 175th anniversary of the American railroad.

Celebrating North America’s Steam Railways

Celebrating North America’s Steam Railways crisscrosses North America, from the frozen tundra of Alaska to the high desert of Arizona, the White Mountains of New Hampshire to the Black Hills of South Dakota, and through the prairies and mountains of Canada. Seventeen of the continent’s most historic and scenic tourist steam railroads are captured in high definition, as is the Steam Town National Historic Site in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Great Scenic Railway JourneysViewers receive a first-hand lesson on how steam engines work and the incredible amount of labor necessary to keep them in operation. Volunteer mechanics describe how every steam engine is a living, breathing being with its own personality - an “iron lady” with “good” days and “bad” days. The volunteers share their very real concerns that, as they age and pass away, too few young people are learning the mechanical skills necessary to carry on the tradition. Most important, the viewer gets to ride along with pre-schoolers and senior citizens, enjoying the breath-taking landscapes that can only be seen by train and listening to passengers’ thoughts about how a ride on a steam train is like traveling through the past on a time machine.