See the beauty of our National Wildlife Refuges - Watch full episodes online!

The REFUGE series reveals the importance of our National Wildlife Refuge system, unique to the United States, and the hard work entailed in animal and habitat conservation. The system maintains millions of acres of wilderness and wetlands for endangered species and those animals that thrive in numbers. Refuge brings this breathtaking beauty to you in spectacular high definition videography and with all the natural sounds of wildlife set against a glorious musical score.

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REFUGE - Alligator River
alligatorAlligator River National Wildlife Refuge is no ordinary wilderness and the film team of STRS Productions brings you the most dramatic and scenic wildlife spectacle that you will ever witness in the state of North Carolina. Fifth in the series, "REFUGE - Alligator River" captures some of the most jaw-dropping cinematography of wildlife this area has to offer. Alligator River Refuge is made up of large acres of pocosin and a diversity of habitats with an abundance of wildlife. Established in 1984 and covering over 150,000 acres, ARNWR is home to many threatened and endangered species, and each year receives large numbers of migrating waterfowl. See Red Wolves, Alligators, Red-cockaded Woodpeckers, American Black Bears, Wild Turkeys, and much more! Filled with emotion, intimacy, and powerful storytelling, this epic film is one of the most powerful viewing experiences of a lifetime. Covering all four seasons, each shot is unstaged with no baiting and all natural, as nature is meant to be. Narrated by Denise Kelly, filmed in High Definition and mixed in surround sound, you will see why ARNWR attracts visitors worldwide, and is one of the most highly regarded and recommended regions that serves as the gateway to other North Carolina refuges.

REFUGE—Roanoke River
Refuge-Roanoke RiverThe saga continues as STRS Productions brings you a heart throbbing feature film about Roanoke River National Wildlife Refuge. What is unique about the Roanoke River National Wildlife Refuge, located in Martin County, is the mid-Atlantic riverine environment of waterways and swamps. The Roanoke River, one of 28 rivers in North Carolina, courses for 70 miles through the refuge and occupies most of the 21,000 acres within its boundaries. Periodic flooding inundates the adjoining cypress - tupelo gum and hardwood forests. This creates habitats for semi-aquatic and other water-loving creatures, which the film amply and vividly documents. REFUGE - Roanoke River carries you deep into the swamps where wildlife abounds. Sit on the edge of your seat and watch the landscape transform into a wildlife safari. A year and a half in the making, narrated by Denise Kelly, and over one hundred hours of footage edited for broadcast for UNC-TV. Feel the drama as a mink attacks a water snake. Watch as beavers come out after a rainstorm and see reptiles, including six foot Cottonmouths, up close, and listen to the natural audio of what a bottomland swamp sounds like from sun up to sun down. Experience what wildlife endures on a day to day basis, and much more. And it is all natural, for there was no staging or baiting used in the entire film.

REFUGE—Pea Island
Refuge-Pea IslandThird in the "REFUGE" series, Pea Island lies off the coast of North Carolina where wildlife abounds and the environment is ever changing. Award winning film makers Blake and Emily Scott once again deliver. A year in the making, covering all four seasons, narrated by Denise Kelly, and filmed in High Definition. The power of the Atlantic Ocean is felt in dramatic footage of a hurricane and 'noreasters battering the coastline, and full of astonishing shots of maritime wildlife that includes Finback Whales, Harbor Seals, Loggerhead Turtles and an incredible sampling of bird life. REFUGE - Pea Island captures all the drama and beauty that exists on this coastal treasure.

REFUGE—Pocosin Lakes

Refuge-Pocosin LakesThe second in the award-winning series Refuge created by film makers Blake and Emily Scott explores the fascinating habitats and wildlife that abound at Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, a 110,000-acre national wildlife refuge in eastern North Carolina. The film vividly captures the diversity of life and daily drama of nature through the cycle of the four seasons, encompassing drought, rain, a snow storm, winters privations, springs renewal of life, the fall migration of tens of thousands of wintering waterfowl, and the most devastating wildfire in the state in 25 years. 

Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, has the largest American Black Bear population in the state, is home to the Red Wolf, one of the worlds most endangered predators, and is designated as a Globally Important Bird Area. Narrated by Denise Kelly, a year in the making and filmed entirely on location in hi-definition completely without baiting, blinds, or staging, this film gives you the real Pocosin Lakes, and through its artistry of cinematography, a powerful sense of nature on this portion of our planet. 

Refuge-MattamuskeetFrom resident mammals, to migratory waterfowl, Refuge—Mattamuskeet is a mesmerizing look at the beauty of Eastern North Carolina. Narrated by award winner Denise Kelly, the journey begins on a foggy morning on the impoundments and travels through the forest and on to the lake, (Lake Mattamuskeet), where wildlife abounds.

See millions of Red-winged Blackbirds as they naturally feed in surrounding fields and feel the dominance of the Bald Eagle as it patrols the territory throughout the day. Hear songbirds as they joyfully sing and feel the tension of the White Tail bucks as they prepare for nightfall. Filmed entirely in HD and audio in surround sound on location, Refuge—Mattamuskeet will keep you entranced time and time again.