Reynolds Price

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Reynolds Price was born in Macon, North Carolina, in 1933. Educated at Duke University and, as a Rhodes Scholar, at Merton College, Oxford University, he has taught at Duke University since 1958 and is now James B. Duke Professor of English. His first short stories, and many later ones, are published in his Collected StoriesA Long and Happy Life was published in 1962 and won the William Faulkner Award. Kate Vaiden was published in 1986 and won the National Book Critics Circle Award. Among his thirty-eight volumes are further collections of fiction, poetry, plays, essays, and translations. Price is a member of both the American Academy of Arts and Letters and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and his work has been translated into seventeen languages.


A Long and Happy Life (1962) 
The Names and Faces of Heroes (1963) 
A Generous Man (1966) 
Love and Work (1968) 
Permanent Errors (1970) 
Things Themselves (1972) 
The Surface of the Earth (1975) 
Early Dark (1977) 
A Palpable God (1978) 
The Source of Light (1981) 
Mustian (1983) 
Private Contentment (1984) 
Kate Vaiden (1986) 
The Laws of Ice (1986) 
House Snake (1986) 
A Common Room (1987) 
Good Hearts (1988) 
Clear Pictures (1989) 
Back Before Day (1989) 
The Tongues of Angels (1990) 
Use of Fire (1990) 
New Music (1990) 
Homemade (1990) 
The Foreseeable Future (1991) 
Conversations with Reynolds Price (1991) 
Blue Calhoun (1992) 
Immediate Family--Photography (1992) 
Out on the Porch (1992) 
Full Moon (1993) 
The Collected Stories (1993) 
A Whole New Life (1994) 
The Promise of Rest (1995) 
Three Gospels (1996) 
Borrowed Time--Photography (1996) 
The Collected Poems (1997) 
Winds of Fury (1997) 
Roxanna Slade (1998) 
Learning a Trade (1998) 
Critical Essays (1998) 
Letter to a Man in the Fire (1999) 
Faggots--coupled with Larry Kramer (2000) 
Feasting the Heart (2000) 
A Perfect Friend (2000) 
Great Circle (2001)
A Serious Way of Wondering (2003)
Noble Norfleet: A Novel (2003)
Ardent Spirits (2009)