Signing Time!

Signing Time!

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Signing Time! is a multi-sensory program that introduces children to a "hands on" second language. It is natural and fun for them to use their bodies to communicate. Research shows that, when empowered with even a few simple ASL signs:

  • Babies and toddlers can express their needs through sign long before they can speak (resulting in fewer tantrums!)
  • School-aged children can develop larger vocabularies and better reading skills while learning a second language
  • Children with special needs or developmental delays can find their own "voice"

With an unparalleled multi-sensory approach (encouraging learning through three senses: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic), Signing Time! reaches children with diverse learning styles and abilities by encouraging interaction through signing, singing, speaking, and dancing.

Signing Time! is designed to encourage children to communicate by using American Sign Language (ASL) and has proven to be an amazingly valuable communication tool, not only for the deaf and hard of hearing population, but for all children of various ages and abilities. Signing Time! engages children through captivating songs accompanied by playful lyrics and fun, entertaining methods for learning ASL vocabulary.

These workshops follow the Read-View-Do model.

Signing for Kids by Mickey Flodin [Used in Episode]
My First Book of Sign Language by Joan Holub
Simple Signs (Picture Puffins) by Cindy Wheeler
You Can Learn Sign Language! by Jackie Kramer
Signing at School (Beginning Sign Language Series)
(Signed English) by S. Harold Collins

Episode 4: Family, Feelings and Fun

Lesson 4.1 Your Family Tree

Participants will follow this multi-sensory approach to learning throughout this workshop.

1.5 hours childcare contact hours are available.
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