Submitting a Program Proposal

Submitting a Program Proposal

Please fill out the following enclosed documents:

  1.     PROGRAM PROPOSAL FORM (Acrobat file)
  2.     BUDGET FORM (Acrobat file)
  3.     UNC-TV SUBMISSION RELEASE.(Acrobat file)

Please realize that UNC-TV receives more than 60 program proposal submissions from independent producers each year. Only a very small number of these programs receive approval from UNC-TV's Editorial Board based on the following criteria:

  •     Relevance to UNC-TV's programming mission
  •     Current programming initiatives
  •     Current production priorities and commitments
  •     Availability of personnel and facilities
  •     Availability of funding
  •     Broadcast scheduling considerations

The Editorial Board decides which projects fit our mission and those we would like to see come to fruition- and our air.  Our editorial policy specifies that we work with independent producers in two ways:

  • An independent producer or an outside production group may bring UNC-TV a fully finished project, which we review and then determine whether it meets our audience interests and production standards. We have no financial or editorial involvement, we do not commit any of our resources to the project, and we do not commit to broadcast until we have screened the finished product.
  • An outside producer or agency may seek an advanced commitment for broadcast or an investment of UNC-TV resources. The only way we can commit resources to a program before it is produced and/or guarantee that the program will air on UNC-TV once completed is to require editorial and financial control of the production, and exclusive rights to broadcast the program in North Carolina.

With UNC-TV's personnel, facilities, and available financial resources already committed to UNC-TV's own mission-driven productions, we are not in a position to provide funding or to assist outside producers in seeking funding for their programs.

We may, based on review and approval of a rough cut and/or completed program, provide a variety of specific in-kind services, such as program development consultation, online post-production editing, broadcast promotion, and program distribution through our statewide network and through PBS and other public television stations and distribution outlets.

Projects that have the best chance of success have content that is directly related to UNC‑TV's current programming mission and priorities, have experienced television professionals working on them, and come fully funded.

Things to consider when submitting a program proposal to UNC-TV:

  • UNC-TV's mission is to provide programming that is directed at our statewide audience. We are North Carolina's public television network, and we invest our production and broadcast resources in programs that focus on North Carolina.
  • Your credentials are very important to us. Please include your production experience and the credits and production experience of your key project personnel.
  • Include a 3- to 5-page treatment or story outline for your project. Flesh out the story so that we can clearly visualize your story line. Explain how you are going to convey your story through pictures and sound, and list the names and credentials of people who will appear in your program.
  • Include a budget, and tell us how you intend to raise funds for your project. This will give us a better idea of the scope of your program and help us determine the possibility of UNC-TV's in-kind participation in your production. (Please include the cost of closed-captioning in your budget.)
  • Your production MUST be closed-captioned to comply to the new digital television requirements.
  • We will not consider program proposals that do not include a signed release.

Once your completed proposal is returned, UNC-TV's Editorial Board will review it within six weeks.

For information on corporate and foundation funding credits, we have included a copy of UNC-TV's Underwriting Guidelines and excerpts from PBS's Underwriting Guidelines. For valuable information on packaging standards, delivery specifications and underwriting requirements for producing independent productions for public television, please see the following PBS Web sites:

Program Proposals
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