UNC-TV Foundation Tours

The UNC-TV Foundation hosts a number of amazing and unique tours during each calendar year, specifically designed and planned with UNC-TV viewers in mind. Previous trips have included the Great Canadian Rockies, Treasures of Northern Italy and Masterpieces of England. Some of these tours are so popular with our members that we have offered them more than once.

The current tour we are booking is the Masterpieces of England Tour, which takes place in April of 2016. For questions about this tour, please call Julia Carpenter or Caroline Francis at 877.423.0075 or via email at masterpiecetour@unctv.org

★  Click here for information regarding the Masterpieces of England Tour.

For more information and any additional questions, please call Julia Carpenter at UNC-TV, 1-877-423-0075, or e-mail her at masterpiecetour@unctv.org