About the Program

Experience a musical journey through a war that redefined the world. War Bonds: The Songs and Letters of World War II, a multimedia living history cabaret is interspersed with personal letters from the front and headline news of the period, providing a warm reminiscence and a harrowing reminder of a time when the whole world seemed upside down.

Award-winning artists David zum Brunnen and Serena Ebhardt fill the stage with wartime memories and tunes. Actual veterans stories create a sentimental journey back through the days when blackouts and rationing were a small sacrifice in order to obtain freedom. A time when Rosie the Riveter discovered she could take care of herself; a time when African-Americans, who were segregated at home, integrated abroad and became heroes; and when a man's only wish was to be home for Christmas.

War Bonds: The Songs and Letters of World War II is an intimate musical cabaret that weaves together great songs of WWII with humorous and poignant letters from the period. Within this unforgettable hour-long performance program, Fred Story recreates a nostalgic score of familiar tunes that acts as a stirring companion to the stage performance's musical direction by Julie Florin. This unforgettable family show allows the "greatest generation" to celebrate, as the next "greatest generation" contemplates.