What About Public Education Reform?

Okay, the idea of the NC General Assembly scrapping the current state tax structure is getting attention, but public education reform is coming if you believe the House and Senate Republican leadership.  Like tax reform, the ideas of how to further change public education, and its funding, are numerous and you can't be sure which proposals will find themselves inside of bills that have a chance of becoming state law.  It's obvious that Republicans run the state of North Carolina, but Republicans have different ideas.  Give parents vouchers so they can use government money to pay private tuition?  Could be on the table (Democrats think it could be).  How about allowing county governments to financially assist charter school operations on their capital expenses or building needs?  That's one proposal.  But House Speaker Thom Tillis told reporters on Tuesday January 29th that it could be time to lift restrictions on the traditional public schools so those campuses can operate with the freedom enjoyed by charter schools.  The comment caught the attention of former NC state senator and current Executive Director of the North Carolina Public Charter Schools Association.  We caught up with him following the press conference.