What Do You Do with the Mad that You Feel?

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
What Do You Do with the Mad that You Feel?

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Child care providers and parents are searching for ways to help today's children learn better control of their anger and frustration. This 90 minute training workshop is based on the consistent themes of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, messages which are summed up in Fred Rogers' song of the same name. Those messages include:

  • that emotions-even angry ones-are normal and natural
  • that we can use words to tell people what is making us mad
  • that emotions can be channeled into activities and actions that do not hurt ourselves or anyone else
  • that, as we grow, we can learn to stop when anger pushes us toward doing things which hurt others

The "What Do You Do with the Mad that You Feel" training workshop will examine how young children begin to develop the ability to deal with anger and frustration. Participants will explore this concept through discussion, small group activities and hands-on activities. Of course, children are not born knowing how to manage their feelings. As we all know, infants often express all their feelings directly--and sometimes loudly! However, adults can help children slowly learn the self-control that can help them stop and find appropriate words and positive outlets for their feelings. Through activities, encouragement, and supportive intervention, the adults who care for children have a critical role to play in helping children develop these skills which are so important for them as individuals and society as a whole.

Contact Hour Credit: 1.5

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