North Carolina's World War II Experience

North Carolina's WWII Experience

“They were young, patriotic and full of promise. They came from every corner of North Carolina—every city, town and rural section. They served, they sacrificed, and for those who survived, World War II changed their lives forever.”

UNC-TV honors North Carolina’s Greatest Generation with this moving two-hour documentary presentation, NORTH CAROLINA’S WWII EXPERIENCE. Through remarkable archival film footage and photographs, and revealing personal interviews with 25 men and women who lived it, this original documentary brings history to life, from battlefield to the home front.

Galvanized by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941, by the end of 1942 North Carolina had more service members within its borders than any other state. Though many are gone now, NORTH CAROLINA’S WWII EXPERIENCE stands as a lasting testament to their heroism, sacrifice, and service.

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