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Zoboomafoo is a series designed for preschoolers and young schoolagers.  Zoboomafoo provides the perfect medium for introducing children to the wonderful world of animals.  Through the adventures of Zoboo and the Kratt

Brothers, children have opportunities to explore a variety of common and exotic animals and their habitats.  Each episode allows children to get to know new furry, finned and feathered friends at a wonderful place called Animal Junction.  Animal visitors are always passing through.

As children explore how the animals are reacting o the world around them, they learn a little more about themselves, and such things as sharing, cooperation, making friends, being scared, and playing fair.  The show encourages children to be confident, use their minds and explore their world.  At the same time, it helps to teach them to be considerate, caring, and helpful to other people and animals.

Zoboo is a lemur. Your children may ask you the question:  What is a lemur?

Lemurs are monkey-like primates, but they are not monkeys.  Most species of lemurs can only be found on the island of Madagascar. There are more than 23 different species of lemurs. Most are generally slender-bodied and long limbed, with thick wooly fur and long tails.  They can range in size from the mouse lemur (1 ounce) to the ring-tailed lemur (8 pounds).  Lemurs feed on leaves, flowers, fruit, and sometimes insects. They can get the water they need by licking small pools of water in leaves.  Lemurs can make a variety of sounds, such as squeaks, clicks, growls, snorts, and very loud howls.  Tame ring-tailed lemurs have been known to purr like cats when petted.  Most lemurs are sociable.  They have a toothcomb and a large claw on their back feet, which helps in grooming each other.

Lemurs are very clean animals.  Baby lemurs have strong grips, holding onto their mother's fur while she moves around.  Lemurs can move from place to place.  They can leap on the ground as well as leaping from branch to branch up in the trees.  Lemurs have very few natural predators.  Some of the lemur's natural enemies include tree-climbing snakes, eagles and man.

The Zoboomafoo website is a fun place for children to visit and learn more about animals.  Children can learn to draw Zoboo, play games that teach what animals eat and lots of other games designed to make the learning experience fun for children.

n this workshop,  participants will experience the world through their senses and using the READ-VIEW-DO Learning Triangle.  The learning triangle, which is  incorporates the use of short video clips demonstrating the application of a math or science concept, correlating this clip to a correspondingly applicable children's book and extending the process through multiple hands-on learning activities.  Many of the activities are designed for caregivers, teachers and other adults to implement with children with developmental disabilities and those who are typically developing or without disabilities, using sign language and other tactile experiences.  Loads of fun and learning!

Other elements of this fun hands-on workshop include the Series Description, Goals and Themes, How Does this Series Help Prepare Children for School, Web Site resources, Additional Outreach Resources, and Read-View-Do activity sheets, which includes recipes, crafts, and educational activities. Tips for parents are available!