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Zoom is a daily interactive series that challenges five to eleven year olds to "turn off the TV and do it!"  Each 30 minute program features a cast of sever everyday kids playing games, performing poetry, solving brainteasers, whipping up recipes and have a good time as they bring to life contributions sent in by viewers.

Zoom uses the target audience's strengths-their curiosity about sharing knowledge, and orientation towards their peers-to inspire them to become active investigators, creators, and problem-solvers.  Most importantly, the infectious enthusiasm of the cast motivates viewers to try activities at home and send their results and ideas to Zoom.

Behind all the fun is a science and math curriculum developed by leading educators.  Twenty percent of each show promotes hands-on science and math activities. These activities teach viewers to take an active approach to learning-to ask questions, create, experiment, be open to new possibilities, and find out for themselves.  Zoom avoids presenting science as something that is done by following precise instructions or by memorizing a collection of facts.  Zoom's science and math segments model science process skills-how to ask questions, make predictions, change variables, record observations, and share results-which are key skills that students need to develop and use as they explore science concepts.

Zoom is one of the most ambitious websites for kids.

Zoom workshops include the learning triangle model which is Read-View Do.  Other elements of this fun hands-on workshop include the Series Description, Goals and Themes, How Does this Series Help Prepare Children for School, Web Site resources, Additional Outreach Resources, and Read-View-Do activity sheets, which includes recipes, crafts, and educational activities.  Tips for parents are also available.

PBS Ready To Learn is supported by a cooperative agreement from the U. S. Department of Education, PR/Award Number R295A00002.