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Song of the Mountains
Song of the Mountains

Trinity River Band / Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper

On Stage, Trinity River Band. Also appearing will be michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper.

Host, Time White

About Host, Tim White

Tim White is the host of Song of the Mountains® concert series and television show! From the beginning Tim has been a driving force in making the public television television show the popular program it is today as it has grown to be featured on over 180 public television affiliates across America and become a premiere showcase for bluegrass, old time, Celtic, gospel and Americana music. Song of the Mountains® reaches over 21 million households and 52 million people annually across the nation. If your public television affiliate does not carry Song of the Mountains® please contact your local station to request the show. 
Songof The Mountains

Song of the Mountains

Enjoy the best in live, roots-based music from the heart of the region where it all began in this award-winning weekly public television series presented by UNC-TV.
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