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Teacher & Childcare Provider Services
What Does UNC-TV Offer Teachers and Childcare Providers?
UNC-TV’s unique programs and public media services provide people of all ages with enriching, educational television. Since 2005, PBS children’s outreach has used a Literacy 360° approach and funded PBS stations to create a new generation of community engagement programs, designed to supplement the educational television programming with various support services for children, parents, childcare providers, and teachers. UNC-TV provides materials that are beneficial for the home, school, and the community through our education efforts and partnerships.

The needs of North Carolina’s pre-schoolers, students, educators, and parents are varied and numerous. UNC-TV meets those needs in a variety of skillful and creative ways such as: face-to-face teacher and parent workshops; PBS TeacherLine professional development courses; UNC-TV's LearningMedia; PBS KIDS Raising Readers initiative; American Graduate initiative; online bilingual resources; summer camps; contests; games; mobile apps; and community events with Read-a-roo and her PBS KIDS pals. We also offer a dynamic line-up of researched-based educational and entertaining PBS KIDS programs and original local content 24-hours a day on Rootle, UNC-TV’s Kids Channel.
From preschool through college and beyond, UNC-TV plays a crucial role in education, serving as one of our region’s largest classroom.

Build your career with PBS TeacherLine!

**Enroll in a PBS TeacherLine course today!
PBS TeacherLine offers facilitated courses that earn renewal and graduate credit and also self-paced courses for just-in-time learning. These high-quality courses offer convenience and empower learners with new knowledge, tips, and classroom tools! Several courses are approved by the NC Department of Public Instruction for literacy credit. TeacherLine is also listed on the NC Institute for Child Development website as a NC C.E.U. supplier for child development educators.

PBS Teacher Lounge
Your Source for Teaching Inspiration
Take a break in the PBS Teachers’ Lounge, a virtual gathering place where educators can get fresh ideas, interact with peers, and discover innovative learning tools! Also, throughout the year, teachers can enter the "Teach Boldly Sweepstakes" for a free, one-month supply of coffee and mugs. Congratulations to Justice Mansour, the winner of a monthly prize package. The winning teacher will be selected in May 2017. But there is always next year to learn more about the Teach Boldly Sweepstakes!

Calling All Classroom Changemakers: Are YOU a PBS Digital Innovator?
Many teachers have applied for the opportunity to become a part of 2017 PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovator Program. PBS will select ONE teacher from each US state, the District of Columbia, and US territories as a 2017 PBS Digital Innovator.
The Digital Innovators are a community of highly engaged, tech-savvy PreK-12 educators who are effectively integrating digital media and technology to inspire learning. Their bold and enthusiastic perspective sets them apart as changemakers, and they unlock new worlds for their students.
In 2016, UNC-TV's own Rebecca Goddard from Bostian Elementary School in China Grove, North Carolina was selected as the North Carolina lead innovator and 22 local North Carolina teachers joined the ranks of this illustrious group of national winners. Click here to learn about all the 2016 Lead and Local Class of PBS Digital Innovators.

Play Outside NC, a PNC funded initiative

PNC Grow Up Great helps prepare children from birth to age five for success in school and in life.

Play Outside NC is a PNC Foundation supported project developed by the NC Institute for Child Development Professionals and UNC-TV to increase the capacity of early childhood teachers and adults with young children to help them grow early math and science knowledge and skills through the provision of a free continuing education units training, tools, public community events public television programming and appearances at conferences, such as the Smart Start Conference. Click here for more information.
UNC-TV Staff Conducts Training at the 2017 National Smart Start Conference
Join UNC-TV staff and community partners at the National Smart Start Conference, which is the nation’s largest conference devoted to early education systems and strategies. The conference which is scheduled May 1 - 4, 2017, provides advanced professional development for early education leaders committed to improving the quality of and access to early childhood services for all children ages birth to five. There is a registration fee. Participants must register for the conference by visiting the Smart Start website.

Cyberchase: STEP IT UP Program
Join UNC-TV in 2017 by increasing your steps and math skills with the Cyberchase "STEP IT UP" initiative. Cyberchase STEP IT UP aims to inspire kids and educators to find small opportunities to work more steps into their regular day while enjoying the opportunity to learn related math. Last year, UNC-TV and ten other PBS Stations across the country joined WNET in challenging students to increase their step counts while enjoying math activities in school. Over 7,200 students completed the challenge and walked over 35 million steps! In 2017, teachers, administrators, and students will use an established set of activities, developed by Tufts University's Active Schools Acceleration Project to implement Cyberchase "STEP IT UP!" Let's Step It Up NC!

Discover Nature's Surprises as You "Explore the Outdoors"
PBS KIDS offers great resources to explore the outdoors such as Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood "There's So Much to Explore Song!" Use this song in your classroom or family childcare setting! This resource is aligned to the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework and other national standards. In addition to this song, UNC-TV's Educational Services staff can conduct a variety of "Explore the Outdoor" educational and engaging STEM workshops and events for families, teachers, and the community. Contact us at elearning@unctv.org.

Using Inspiring Middle School Literacyto Support After School Programs
If you are looking for resources designed to support afterschool programs serving middle schooler, then explore this resource. These online self-paced lessons for blended learning, funded by the Walmart Foundation, are designed to enhance the literacy skills of struggling readers in grades 5–8. Each uses videos, interactive activities, note taking, reading, and writing to present students with an engaging science, social studies, mathematics, or English language arts topic.

Over 65 Workshops and Counting!
UNC-TV offers over 65 workshops that have been approved for contact hour credits (CHCs) by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services / Division of Child Development-Early Education. More workshops are added as new content is available. Click here to see a list of some of the workshops.

Most of UNC-TV's pre-K workshops have been aligned to Foundations-North Carolina's Early Learning Standards and many of the workshops for older students have been aligned to local, state, and national standards such as the Common Core Standards to ensure that teachers can readily and easily use PBS materials in the classroom. For more information about UNC-TV's workshops, contact elearning@unctv.org.

What is UNC-TV's Ready To Learn Educational Service?
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Our Ready To Learn/PBS KIDS Raising Readers services seek to serve children ages 3-8 years, their teachers, and their families across our state and to promote school readiness and early literacy for all of North Carolina's children. As the state's Public Television Station, UNC-TV offers commercial-free children's television with ideas for learning included between programs. The tips support the programs by emphasizing specific themes. Children are encouraged to acquire information, to try new and different things, and to learn from their own experiences. Working through problems by talking, sharing and compromising is an important component. Additionally, children are shown how it is possible to be patient, how to work to overcome obstacles in order to reach their goals and reinforcing their sense of self-worth and individuality.

UNC-TV's Ready To Learn services reach out across North Carolina to stimulate young minds in the areas of Physical/Motor Skill Development; Social/Emotional Skill Development; Critical Thinking/Problem Solving Skill Development; Language/Literacy Skills Development; Cognitive Skill Development; Science Study; Life Skills Development; Cultural/Social Diversity Appreciation; Understanding; and Music/ Art Appreciation and Performance.

UNC-TV also provides services for older students and their teachers in a variety of UNC-TV's projects such as Connecting Literacy Project with elementary school, Martha Speaks Reading Buddies Program, Superwhy Summer Reading Camps, Get The Math teacher training and Train the Trainer model, National STEM Video Challenge Event with community partners, and contest such as the PBS KIDS Writers, to name a few.

Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences and different learning styles are integrated in our workshops. According to the University of Georgia, studies show that teachers have always known that students had different strengths and weaknesses in the classroom. Gardner's research was able to articulate that and provide direction as to how to improve a student's ability in any given intelligence, thus developing lesson plans that meet the needs of individual children. For more information, click here.
UNC-TV staff also offer academically stimulating and fun community events. Many times, Read-a-roo and her PBS KIDS' pals join these events!

Who is Read-a-roo? 

Read-a-roo is UNC-TV's reading mascot. She is seven-foot kangaroo who visits schools and libraries across the state introducing children to the exciting world of reading. She attends reading awards programs, helps with story time in schools and the community, provides station tours and travels to reading festivals encouraging children to read. Roo also loves to move and promotes nutritious eating and fitness.

Roo can be seen on UNC-TV between children's programming announcing various opportunities for children, such as the Read-a-roo’s Block party, UNC-TV's PBS KIDS Writers Contest, Meet and Greet opportunities with other PBS KIDS pals, promoting healthy habits, and so much more! Read-a-roo is a hit with all ages.

Educational Services for Teachers and Childcare Providers at UNC-TV
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