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GIRL Power!
GIRL Power! Here's to strong girls

Get empowered with our GIRL Power Campaign!

Rootle and UNC-TV Public Media North Carolina have launched a GIRL Power campaign - join the movement! #mygirlpoweris

Support for GIRL Power made possible in part by the Margaret Pickard Sirvis Fund.

UNC-TV Public Media North Carolina's GIRL Power! is shining a light on girls of ALL ages who lead, mentor, inspire and impact those around them by tapping into their unique strengths. Want to know more? Follow us on Instagram @ncGIRLpower and use #myGIRLpoweris to join the movement!
Section Divider: Meet the Girls
Girl Power Feature: Abby
Meet Abby:
12, Cary, NC

"I think it’s important to spread kindness and happiness because everyone should feel loved and like they belong."
Girl Power Feature: Autumn
Meet Autumn:
9, Clayton, NC

“My GIRL POWER is finding ways to fix problems that I see.”
Meet Caitlin:
9, Wilmington, NC

"My GIRL Power is being good at sports and being smart in school."
Girl Power Feature: Caraline
Meet Caraline:
17, from Dunn, NC

"My Girl Power is sewing, playing the piano, and listening to others."
Girl Power Feature: Giada
Meet Giada:
11, Hillsborough, NC

"My GIRL Power is playing the violin and being a leader."
Girl Power Feature: Hiba
Meet Hiba:
11, Apex, NC

“My GIRL Power is I love reptiles, especially snakes! I like to study and draw them.”
Girl Power Feature: Jamey
Meet Jamey:
10, Greenville, NC

"My GIRL Power is saving and caring for all the ANIMALS in this world."
Girl Power Feature: Jenevieve
Meet Jenevieve:
16, Greenville, NC

"My GIRL Power is perseverance and success in STEM classes and leading others with kindness, inclusiveness, and empathy."
Girl Power Feature: Julianna
Meet Julianna:
16, Greenville, NC

"My GIRL Power is my positive attitude and teaching young girls to code and speaking Mandarin."
Girl Power Feature: Lauryn
Meet Lauryn:
13, from Cary, NC

"True power is knowing what really matters lies within you."
Girl Power Feature: Lexi
Meet Lexi:
10, from Cary, NC

"When I hear Girl Power I think that girls can do whatever they want to do."
Meet Lizzy:
18, Weddington, NC

“My GIRL Power is leading by example and encouraging girls to have confidence.”
Girl Power Feature: Loreta
Meet Loreta:
12, from Fayetteville, NC

"My GIRL Poweris using media to educate others and create awareness."
Girl Power Feature: Marissa
Meet Marissa:
11, from Clayton, NC

"My GIRL Power is being outgoing and tackling new challenges everyday."
Girl Power Feature: Nicole
Meet Nicole:
9, Cary, NC

"I like GIRL Power because everyone has a chance to learn about others who like the same things and feel happy about themselves."
Meet Rylan:
11, Carolina Beach, NC

“Having strong friendships is GIRL Power and creates an ultimate team!”
Meet Sasha:
17, Clayton, NC

“My GIRL Power is teaching young girls how to express their feelings through art.”
Girl Power Feature: Sasha
Meet Sasha:
15, Greenville, NC

"My GIRL Power is being a fearless leader and taking chances."
Girl Power Feature: Tyler
Meet Tyler:
17, Marion, NC

"My GIRL Power is my determination to impact the world through cancer research and treatment."
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GIRL Power: Meet Hiba

Meet 11-year-old Hiba from Apex, NC and find out how she taps into her GIRL Power!

Playlist title
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GIRL Power: Meet Hiba
GIRL Power: Meet Hiba
GIRL Power: Meet Sasha
GIRL Power: Meet Sasha
GIRL Power: Meet Abby
GIRL Power: Meet Abby
GIRL Power: Meet Nicole
GIRL Power: Meet Nicole
GIRL Power: Meet Lizzy
GIRL Power: Meet Lizzy
GIRL Power: Meet Rylan
GIRL Power: Meet Rylan
GIRL Power: Meet Autumn
GIRL Power: Meet Autumn
GIRL Power: Meet Tyler
GIRL Power: Meet Tyler
GIRL Power: Meet Caraline
GIRL Power: Meet Caraline
GIRL Power: Meet Lauryn and Lexi
GIRL Power: Meet Lauryn and Lexi
Section Divider: Join the Movement
GIRL Power Print Off Image
Join the GIRL Power Movement!

Use #myGIRLpoweris when you post about your GIRL Power! And don't forget to download our GIRL Power printable!
  1. Print off our GIRL Power PDF
  2. Write in your GIRL Power
  3. Take a picture with it and tag @ncGIRLpower and use #myGIRLpoweris
Section Divider: About the Theme Song
Singer-songwriter Chloe-Olivia

Meet 14-year-old Chloe-Olivia, singer and songwriter of our GIRL Power theme song Crazy Kind of Beautiful. Want to learn more about her?

Click Here