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Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Series

Be The Voice

Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Series

Can You Hear Us Now? Surviving and Thriving Beyond Suicide

Can You Hear Us Now: Surviving & Thriving Beyond Suicide

July is Minority Mental Health Month, and UNC-TV and the NC Department of Health and Human Services are presenting a virtual town hall, “Can You Hear Us Now: Surviving & Thriving Beyond Suicide.” The discussion will be streamed live here and will highlight three members of historically marginalized populations who will share their experiences surviving and thriving beyond suicide. They will talk about how they each turned their experiences into a way to advocate for people living with severe mental illness. The discussion will also include a medical expert who will discuss treatment and support with a focus on her work in the Latinx and Hispanic communities.

Be Your Best

UNC-TV's new spring lineup shines a light on health and wellnessand the challenges and diseases that sometimes stand in the way of being your best. Look for several new series and specials from PBS and UNC-TV showcasing how humans can influence their brains and bodies to achieve a sense of well being. Programs will examine the science of how the human brain and body work and will explore health issues that sometimes get stigmatized.

Take Charge of Your Personal Health & Wellness

The Fitness Files
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My Home, NC
Conner Stroud

My Home, NC
Football Heroes

Upcoming Health & Wellness Programs

Broken Places
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NOVA: The Truth About Fat
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Independent Lens: Bedlam
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The Definition of Insanity
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American Experience: The Man Who Tried To Feed the World
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Independent Lens: Jim AllisonBreakthrough
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