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The Explorer Channel

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Explore Your World!

As one of our four over-the-air program services, the Explorer Channel brings you the best in travel, culture, science, nature, history and outdoor adventure programming.

Whether it's taking a closer look at Egypt's pyramids, touring Europe or immersing yourself in the latest British mystery series, the Explorer Channel brings a variety of cultural experiences directly to you.

Explorer Channel: Public Media's Best Programmed Channel!

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Signal Map The Explorer Channel

The Explorer Channel can be viewed over-the-air on the following channels:

  • Asheville—WUNF 33.3/25.3
  • Canton/Waynesville—WUNW 27.1
  • Chapel Hill/Raleigh/Durham—WUNC 4.3/25.3
  • Charlotte/Concord—WUNG 58.3/44.3
  • Edenton/Columbia—WUND 2.3/20.3
  • Greenville—WUNK 25.3/23.3
  • Jacksonville—WUNM 19.1
  • Linville—WUNE 17.1
  • Lumberton—WUNU 31.3
  • Roanoke Rapids—WUNP 36.1
  • Wilmington—WUNJ 39.3/29.3
  • Winston-Salem—WUNL 26.3/32.3

The Explorer Channel is also on Spectrum Cable channel 1277

Cable/Satellite Providers:
Channel numbers vary by location; please call providers for details.

  • AT&T Uverse: 1-800-288-2020
  • Comcast: 1-800-934-6489
  • Direct TV: 1-800-531-5000
  • Dish: 1-800-333-3474
  • Mediacom: 1-855-633-4226
  • Northland Communications: 1-888-667-8452
  • Spectrum: 1-855-757-7328
  • Suddenlink Communications: 1-888-882-5151

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