How To Watch UNC-TV

Technology brings UNC-TV Public Media North Carolina to you as never before. Whatever platform you use, whatever screen you choose, UNC-TV is here for you!

Watch Anywhere. Anytime.

Now more than ever, UNC-TV is by your side—whether you're watching over-the-air with an antenna, on cable or satellite, or content on-demand online.

And now we're now streaming live on YouTube TV! With your YouTube TV subscription, you'll enjoy more access than ever to a robust collection of stories well told, carefully curated on-demand content from UNC-TV and PBS.

Check out how you can watch on-air, online and on apps and connected devices below.

For more information about UNC-TV and PBS on YouTube TV, please go here.

Here's How Easy It Is To Watch Your UNC-TV & PBS Favorites—Everywhere You Are!


You can watch the channels of UNC-TV several on-air ways:

  • For free, over-the-air with an antenna
  • As part of your cable television package
  • As part of your satellite TV package.

Please note that availablity varies depending on provider. For channel and provider information, please go here.


You'll find many of our full-length programs, along with special extra content, online at:

On Apps & Connected Devices

Watch our content on your favorite apps and devices, such as:

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