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We're covering North Carolina stories—from the mountains to the coast, and everywhere in between. See where we're headed this week!

Woman shooting a video at the beach
Monday, June 25
NC SciTech: Frank Graff and Alan Brown will shoot a story at UNC Chapel Hill about silicone skin.
PMNC Cares:
Matt Maisano will conduct interviews in New Bern.
Black Issues Forum:
Tie-in taping.

Tuesday, June 26
Great American Read: Katy Loebrich and Matt Maisano will shoot testimonials at the Chapel Hill Public Library.
My Home NC:
Heather Burgiss and Dan Powers will shoot a story on musical group The Chatham Rabbits.

Wednesday, June 27
PMNC Cares: Matt Maisano and Bob Gunter will shoot aerials in New Bern.

Thursday, June 28
NC Weekend: Julia Carpenter and crew will cover the O’Henry Hotel in Greensboro.

Friday, June 29
Front Row: Studio taping.
NC Spin: Studio taping.