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Summer 2020 BLM Protest and the Road to Progress special & Facebook Watch Party, tonight, at 7

As we enter summer 2020, our nation has been rocked by protesters taking to the streets to stand against enduring, systemic racial inequity and injustice. Host Deborah Holt Noel engages civil rights and labor organizer Ajamu Dillahunt, social justice activist Kerwin Pittman, local businesswoman Valerie "V.K." Fields and NCSU Professor of Psychology Dr. Rupert Nacoste to explore the question of how to move from protest to progress.

Share your voice and join the conversation as we open the BIF Forum with Nacoste, Fields, Pittman and more on the UNC-TV Facebook page, Wednesday, from 7 to 8 PM, at

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Each week, UNC-TV Public Media North Carolina's Black Issues Forum Producer/Host Deborah Holt Noel presents a diverse panel of guests discussing such topics as politics, social concerns, health, education, justice, entertainment, technology and public policy. Additionally, several times throughout the year, Black Issues Forum offers special presentations addressing timely community concerns.

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Deborah Holt-Noel

Deborah Noel, host and producer.

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