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New episodes premiere Wednesdays, at 9 PM, on the North Carolina Channel and Thursdays, at 8:30 PM, on UNC-TV PBS & More!

Sci NC highlights the latest science stories from North Carolina and across the nation, interviews leading scientists, shares fascinating demonstrations and engages North Carolinians with all things science. Hosted by seasoned reporter Frank Graff, the popular, personality-driven science series launches its Fall Season with a slate of new episodes.

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A Fresh Fall Season Premieres
This season, the show goes deep to investigate issues around animal habitats and conservation, the science behind human health and wellness and agriculture and food innovations in North Carolina.

The finale of Sci NC’s fall season is a special episode with NASA astronaut and NC native Christina Koch. Koch, who grew up in Jacksonville, is a graduate of North Carolina State University in Raleigh as well as Durham’s School of Science and Math. Graff and team highlight Koch’s recent work aboard the International Space Station and share a Q&A session with students from both schools.

In addition to its broadcast episodes, Sci NC produces digital science shorts that explore and highlight the many scientific discoveries and advances that come out of our state.

This Week on Sci NC: Food Innovations

  • Sourdough Culture, history, science and nutrition are all rolled up in sourdough bread.
  • Eating Ugly Fish Everyone knows about salmon and flounder, but there are a lot of other fish just as tasty and nutritious, and harvesting them doesn't put as much strain on “traditional” fish populations.
  • Lab-Grown Meat What’s the hottest trend in food? Fake meat, or lab-grown meat. How’s it work? How’s it taste? Find out!
  • Mushrooms On one of NC’s most unique farms, learn how our favorite fungus is grown.
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Our Host

Meet Sci NC's Frank Graff

Frank Graff is an award winning producer/reporter with UNC-TV, focusing on all things science. Frank provides additional information related to his stories through the UNC-TV Science Reporter's Blog. Frank joined UNC-TV in October 2012, bringing almost 25 years of TV experience to UNC-TV. He began his career in Presque Isle, Maine and worked as a television news reporter in Baltimore, MD, and Cincinnati, Ohio, as well as stations in West Virginia and Virginia before coming to Raleigh as a reporter with the NBC owned station here.

Frank won a regional and national Emmy award for his coverage of riots in Cincinnati and a regional Emmy for a story on Raleigh's new downtown wayfinding system. His work has also been recognized by the Communicator awards, the Associated Press and the Society of Professional Journalists.

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