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UNC-TV's Summer Headline Projects
How It Works

First Up...

This spring, the News & Observer and the Charlotte Observer reported that children of affluent means are often disproportionately enrolled in gifted education programs. Their findings show that students who are at lower income levels, minorities, and/or non-native English speakers are overlooked for advanced coursework despite demonstrating the skillset and test scores to enroll and compete. Non-white students are looked over for gifted and advanced coursework programs across the state.

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About UNC-TV's Summer Headline Projects

The headlines of the day alert us to problems in North Carolina and beyond. They also get us thinking—how does this news story affect me? My family? My community? And how are other folks tackling these problems?

Powered by your questions, UNC-TV's Summer Headline Project brings to light innovative solutions to some of these problems from around the state.

UNC-TV's Summer Headline Project

Introducing our Summer Headline Project!

 Here's How to Get Involved:

  • Ask any question related to our headline prompts in the form above.
  • Vote on which question needs solving.

Then we'll uncover the innovative problem-solvers tackling these challenges. We share with you our stories of fellow North Carolinians to inspire communities across the state.