Public Media North Carolina
Putting the public first...

Our Mission:

Public Media North Carolina contributes to the greater good by connecting North Carolinians to each other, the world and endless possibilities.

Our Vision:

To be a vital, indispensable service and partner to all North Carolinians

Our Core Values:

  • Listening
  • Open-mindedness
  • Inclusion
  • Integrity
  • Excellence

We connect with North Carolinians three ways

In Person | Engagement
We host and we partner on more than 140 statewide events reaching more than 75,000 people annually. Events include workshops, roundtables, classroom, conferences. Participants include teachers, children, families, veterans, legislators, non-profits and corporations.

Online | Digital
We share our state’s stories via our website as well as digital and social media, including over 80,000 fans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, as well as category-specific emails.

On Air | Four Channels & Public Safety
Public Media North Carolina reaches 99% of NC households with televisions with four digital channels offering distinct program schedules 24 hours a day. As North Carolina's only statewide public media network, Public Media North Carolina's 12 stations provide all 100 counties with four full-time, unique broadcast program channels:
Public Safety: Public Media North Carolina towers also enable statewide reach of broadcast and web-streamed emergency briefings.

More than meets the eye.

We're way more than just a way for you to see quality television! We are creators of content—and we can make media for you. From a production house to our state's only publicly-accessible Lightboard, and event space for your meetings (even weddings), we are not the end of the creative process, but a destination for your vision. We are UNC-TV Public Media North Carolina. Find out more about us and what we offer.
UNC-TV's Lightboard is one of the unique services it offers.

We offer affordable and creative solutions to meet your needs.

Think outside the box:
  • Custom Production Services
  • NC's Only Publicly-Accessible Lightboard
  • Unmatched Venue for Special Events
The UNC-TV Culture is committed to our state, its citizens and having fun.

We share stories that matter, for you, about you and by you.

Discover how UNC-TV operates:
  • Executive Management
  • Audience Services
  • Advisory & Governance Boards
  • Private Support
UNC-TV Complies with state and federal regulations.
We comply with state and national policies and regulations.

Access our reports and information:
Learn about the history of Public Media North Carolina.
Delivering free educational children's content to over 12 million households
Providing public media services since 1955, 15 years before PBS launched
The go-to source for emergency news & info, in partnership with NC's Department of Public Safety