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Sustained Giving with UNC-TV

Simplify Your Giving!

Join the Sustaining Circle by Becoming a Monthly Donor

Join the growing family of Public Media North Carolina members who generously give automatic ongoing monthly donations by joining the Sustaining Circle. Automatic renewal results in fewer solicitations for you and savings for Public Media North Carolina!

Make a Sustaining Contribution

With an ongoing monthly donation, your Public Media North Carolina membership is always current. You can contribute directly from your checking account (the easiest way to be a sustainer!) or by using your credit or debit card.

Update My Payment Information

Use this form to update your payment information or to switch your sustaining contribution directly from your checking account. Making your gift directly from your account is the easiest way to be a sustainer!

Frequently Asked Questions About Sustaining Gifts

Have more questions? We can help! View the most frequently asked questions. For more information or assistance, contact us Monday-Friday, from 8 AM - 5 PM, at 888-292-7070 (toll-free) or Thanks!

Join the Sustaining Circle Today

Join the Sustaining Circle by becoming a monthly donor!