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At-Home Learning

By executive order of the governor, public schools across North Carolina are closed due to COVID-19 through May 15. These closings have left thousands of students at home with reduced access to structured instruction.

To address this educational gap, UNC-TV and the NC Department of Public Instruction are partnering to support school-age children learning at home by providing free, curriculum-informed, over-the-air content that is widely accessible to studentsespecially those with limited or no internet access.

Each weekday, two blocks of programs on UNC-TV's North Carolina Channel will serve students: fourth through eighth grade, from 8 AM-1 PM, and ninth through twelfth grade, from 1-6 PM (actual times may vary, please check the weekly schedule online here).

These educational program blocks are available on the North Carolina Channel, available statewide for free over-the-air, through cable providers and streamed online here.

Check back each week to download the new schedules.

Watch UNC-TV PBS & More, Rootle 24/7 PBS KIDS Channel and the North Carolina Channel over the air for free. For more information about where to watch, please go here.

Supplement this week's curriculum-related programming with curated resources from NCDPI.

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PreK-Third Grade

Educational Content for PreK-Third Grade

Rootle, UNC-TV's 24/7 PBS KIDS channel, will continue providing trusted programs providing education and entertainment in a safe haven for youngsters. In addition to its over-the-air channel, Rootle can be streamed live here. Plus, the UNC-TV channel offers a seven-hour block of children's programs weekdays, starting at 6:30 AM.

Take a look at our suggested At-Home Learning schedule for children in grades PreK-2nd Grade.

Fourth-Eighth Grades

For students in fourth through eighth grades, curriculum-informed programming is now available on UNC-TV's North Carolina Channel, Monday through Friday, from 8 AM to 1 PM (actual times may vary, please check the weekly schedule online here).

Quality educational programs from trusted PBS series, including NOVA and History Detectives, feature experts in their field (Henry Louis Gates Jr. and the late Stephen Hawking, for example). Students will enjoy this engaging instruction in such subjects as English and language arts, science, math and social studies.

Ninth-Twelfth Grades

Students in ninth through twelfth grades can now access educational programming on UNC-TV's North Carolina Channel, Monday through Friday, from 1 to 6 PM (actual times may vary, please check the weekly schedule online here).

Timely, topical programs, from such award-winning PBS franchises as Masterpiece, American Masters, American Experience and more, explore such subject areas as American and British literature, science and nature, social studies and U.S. and world history.

Watch the Livestream

Available Monday-Friday, 8 AM-6 PM

Program blocks include vetted, curriculum-informed programs such as NOVA, History Detectives, Africa's Great Civilizations, The Great Warand more, covering a wide range of educational subjects including math, science, social studies, literature and history.

Ace At-Home Learning with Our Free Webinars

Hey parents and caregivers, get some help and reassurance! UNC-TV is hosting free webinars to support at-home learning with quality content from PBS KIDS and PBS LearningMedia.

Past Webinars

AHL Webinar: Social-Emotional Learning


This session focuses on teaching our youngest learners how to manage their feelings!

Playlist title
1 / 4 Videos
AHL Webinar: Social-Emotional Learning
AHL Webinar: Social-Emotional Learning
AHL Webinar: Active Learning with Littles in Spani
AHL Webinar: Active Learning with Littles in Spani
At-Home Learning Webinar: Active Learning with Lit
At-Home Learning Webinar: Active Learning with Lit
AHL Webinar: Remote Learning with PBS LearningMedi
AHL Webinar: Remote Learning with PBS LearningMedi

At-Home Learning Resources

In addition to the televised and live-streamed program blocks, parents and educators are also able to access a variety of free, online resources to enhance at-home learning.

PBS LearningMedia

Get direct access to thousands of classroom-ready, curriculum-targeted digital resources, including videos and interactives, audio, documents and in-depth lesson plans, aligned to state and national standards. PBS LearningMedia also provides a collection of Spanish language resources.


Free, local messages keep parents and caregivers of children 8 years old and under informed and prepared. Text CONNECT to 274448 today!

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